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For online coaches and agencies looking for a straightforward method to attract clients

Discover the 'Tripwire Simple Sales System' - your key to securing 2-4 new clients for your online business within the next 7 days

...No need for complex ads, AI, funnels, or outreach strategies

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Introducing the System

The Tripwire Simple Sales System offers an online course plus scripts designed to assist online coaches, consultants, course creators, service providers, and agency owners in generating more leads and securing more deals—without the need for advertisements, creating complex funnels, managing groups, or frequent content posting.

By leveraging the vast number of readily available, interested leads actively seeking assistance, this system guides you in providing value in such a compelling way that leads naturally progress to wanting your offerings.

Consequently, you move from the cycle of building, posting, spending, and hoping for engagement to directly receiving appreciative messages and seeing an increase in your bank balance.

The Tripwire Simple Sales System enables you to achieve more with less effort and actually enjoy the process.

In this course, you'll receive detailed, step-by-step guidance on how to implement this effective strategy in your business.

Here's the Process

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Hello, I'm Tommy...

Once upon a time, my business acumen was, honestly, quite dismal. I was completely fed up with exerting tremendous effort yet seeing minimal returns.

Attracting clients felt like a Herculean task, and even on the rare occasions when I managed to land them, convincing them to actually pay, remain loyal, and express gratitude appeared to be a fantasy.

I tested every strategy in the book – from unsolicited outreach, managing groups, to investing in ads and constructing sales funnels. The result? I was exhausted, perplexed, and utterly spent.

That's when I knew I had to strip it all back – drastically.

By returning to the basic principles and adopting what I refer to as the 'Tripwire simple' approach for lead and client acquisition, I turned things around. Since then, I've established not one but three businesses that have soared past the seven-figure mark, including:

  • My own Marketing Agency, Digital Kryptonite, which I launched, grew, and successfully sold its assets within 18 months.

  • A thriving Coaching Company that I continue to operate.

  • An innovative Software Company, TEDi, which is also still under my helm.

I'm not sharing this to boast or to suggest that you will mirror my success. The reality is, most people don't. And it’s possible that you may not... However...

Picture this: receiving leads consistently...


Achievable When You Simply


For those grappling with client acquisition, it's time to halt cold outreach, halt squandering funds on ads, and set aside complex funnels. Instead, focus on the fundamental 'hidden in plain sight' strategies for attracting clients. These three steps aim to streamline the process to the utmost simplicity.

STEP 01:

Social Engagement Script

Unlock Free Leads.

At this very moment, vast numbers of potential clients are seeking answers to issues – issues that you could resolve with your offerings – and they're eagerly discussing these on various social platforms!

All you need is a methodical approach that firmly establishes you as the premier solution provider by...

  • Providing detailed guidance on locating and engaging with precisely targeted online discussions, comments, and inquiries. It’s a place where potential clients are openly seeking the assistance you can provide – and it takes 5 minutes or less.

  • Implementing the meticulously prepared 'social engagement signature' script. This script is fine-tuned to encourage prospects to initiate contact with you.

  • Following this strategy appropriately amplifies the likelihood that these potential clients will come to you, eager for your expertise or more insights into your services.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

STEP 02:

7-Minute Appointment Formula

Secure More Appointments.

Master the initial step effectively, there's no need for sophisticated gimmicks to persuade individuals to schedule a consultation with you.

Ease off the persistent efforts and instead, leverage this strategic appointment script to shoulder the work.

Implementing this tested blueprint will enable you to:

  • Employ the ‘Power Pre-Frame’ technique, fostering immediate gratitude towards you for providing your time

  • Deploy the '3 Power Questions' strategy that pivots the conversation, compelling clients to convince you of their worthiness for your assistance

  • Initiate the ‘Flip Booking’ method, encouraging clients to inquire about further assistance from you

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

STEP 03:

The 'Inverse Closing' Strategy

Cement More Contracts.

Traditionally, individuals have learned to apply pressure, which is off-putting.

By employing the exact replica of the 'Inverse Closing' Strategy, you tap into the force of 'Attractive-Selling'.

This straightforward closing technique is designed to:

  • Foster trust and establish a consulting-like relationship with your client

  • Tailor your offer to perfectly accommodate their issue (without altering your delivery process)

  • Encourage your prospects to persuade you on why you should accept their investment and occasionally, resolution of their own inhibitions.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

"Tommy is a mastermind in the realm of lead generation."

Lorance Vercetti

Founder, Ghl Elite

Grab Clients Quickly - Available for a Short Period Only!

Unlock Three Exclusive FREE BONUSES

While this system is designed to be exceptionally valuable by itself, I'm committed to offering far more in value than the modest fee for this course.

Therefore, to ensure this deal is irresistibly enticing, I'm including three additional bonuses at no extra charge.

🌟 FREE Bonus #1

'Magnetic Messaging' Customizable Workbook + Masterclass

Crafting communication that compels people to say "yes" to your offers and happily invest in what you're selling is crucial.

Complete this masterclass, fill out the workbook, and significantly boost the likelihood of customers eagerly purchasing your products!

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

🌟 Free Bonus #2

'Take My Money' Offer Masterclass

To scale your business reliably and profitably, your offers must be crafted with precision.

This masterclass guides you in transforming your expertise and abilities into high-value, compelling offers that are designed to make your prospects eagerly exclaim, “take my money!”

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

🌟 Free Bonus #3

The Definitive Guide to Overcoming Objections 'Super-Script'

Gain access to our extensively tested, verbatim scripts crafted to empower your prospects to address their own hesitations, including:

  • "I need some time to ponder" (p. 32)

  • "I lack the necessary funds" (p. 27)

  • "I must consult with my spouse" (p. 33)

  • "This isn't my usual decision-making process" (p. 41)

  • "I've attempted this before, unsuccessfully" (p. 45)

  • "I have to conduct my thorough research" (p. 40)

  • "I'd like to confer with your clients" (p. 46)

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

"Tommy was instrumental in increasing my client acquisition by an impressive tenfold. He's been an absolute game-changer."

Aleena Vercetti

Founder, Ghl Elite



Should you invest in this course and find it's not for you, we'll refund you fully, down to the last penny. Moreover, you'll retain everything - the course, scripts, and all bonuses.

It's as straightforward as that.

Here's An Overview Of


We've infused everything we've gathered – the knowledge, tactics we personally use, lessons from our failures and victories into this course. This way, you can gain from our valuable insights, and the considerable time, energy, and financial investments that have shaped the experiences we've incorporated into this course.

  • The Streamlined Sales System, along with Training Modules, aimed at acquiring clients quickly without reliance on ads, groups, cold outreach, or webinars

  • The engaging 'Comments to Conversions’ Script, crafted to help you instantly connect with a continual flow of potential leads and prompt them to seek your assistance

  • The Efficient 7 Minute Setting Script, conceived to encourage prospects to request a Zoom meeting or phone call with you

    The Innovative Reverse Closing Sales Script, intended to empower prospects to convince themselves, even tackling some of their own objections

  • Bonus 1 (Free): Secure our Magnetic Messaging Workbook along with an instructive Masterclass. This resource, featuring fill-in-the-blank exercises, is your guide to always knowing the perfect thing to say.

  • Bonus 2 (Free): Gain access to 'The Take My Money' Offer Masterclass, specifically designed to help you structure your offers so they're incredibly appealing to customers.

  • Bonus 3 (Free): Unlock the Ultimate Objection Handling 'Super-Script,' created to empower your prospects to overcome their own objections.


100% Money Back Guarantee

If you invest in this course and don't find it suitable, simply drop us an email at

hello@nexlevel.ai. We'll refund your money in full, and as a gesture of goodwill, the course, scripts, and all the bonuses are yours to keep.

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Please understand that the successes of our students are not guaranteed to be replicated in your experience. We offer no assurance that you will achieve similar results or income using our insights, strategies, or tools. Our primary commitment is to your satisfaction with our training program. Hence, we offer a complete 30-day satisfaction guarantee on our products. If you're dissatisfied with the training quality for any reason, request a refund within this period. Our educational content and services are designed to support your learning and growth, not to serve as a promise of earnings or future success. Please note that all mentions of financial figures on this page or our websites are not promises of actual earnings; they should serve strictly as conceptual illustrations. These figures aren't indicative of typical results and should not be interpreted as guarantees of specific earnings or performance projections. It is essential to exercise due diligence and consult with your professional financial, legal, or tax advisor before making decisions that could impact your business or financial status. You are solely accountable for your choices, actions, and results. By enrolling in our programs, you agree to take full responsibility for any outcomes and not hold our company accountable for your decisions, actions, or results, at any time, and under any set of circumstances.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Still Having Doubts?


Q: Looking to understand what you'll receive?

You'll get access to a comprehensive course and detailed scripts & templates that provide an inside view into acquiring 2-4 clients weekly without resorting to complex ads, AI, funnels, groups, or outreach tactics.

Q: In need of more comprehensive assistance?

Absolutely, we offer extensive support through our Bulletproof Entrepreneur membership. Plus, if any questions pop up as you go through the Simple Sales System masterclasses, don't hesitate to reach out to us at hello@nexleve.ai.

Q: Wondering if this is designed for you?

Our resources are perfect for online coaches, consultants, agency founders, course creators, and service providers seeking a more streamlined approach to attract more leads and convert them into clients. Whether your business is a start-up or a large-scale operation, our strategies are effective.

Q: Concerned about a guarantee?

Yes, we provide a guarantee. If you purchase this course and find it unsatisfactory, just shoot an email to hello@nexleve.ai. We'll ensure a full refund of your money, and to top it off, the course, scripts, and all associated bonuses are yours to keep.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Disclaimer: The sales figures mentioned in this content are unique to individual cases and marketing results. It's crucial to note that not everyone will achieve such results. The marketing figures presented here are common outcomes for clients who meet our requirements and agree to a certain level of monthly ad expenditure. On average, our marketing efforts yield about 30 potential clients per business each month for our service subscribers. We stand by the quality of our services with a money-back guarantee. With over six years of experience in marketing, we have cultivated a substantial following. However, it's important to note that the average person who utilizes "how-to" guides often sees minimal to no results. The references we provide are for illustrative purposes only. Sales outcomes are influenced by various factors, including - but not limited to - an individual's background, experience, and work ethic. All businesses involve risk and require substantial, consistent effort and action. If you're unwilling to accept these terms, our services may not be for you.

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