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With our vibrant, supportive, and completely virtual team, we are in search of exceptional individuals who will contribute to extending support for our rapidly increasing clientele.

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Being a member of the team, you will get access to:


Rewarding Remuneration

We believe in justly rewarding our outstanding employees whose contributions significantly impact our triumphs. Each new recruit is offered a competitive remuneration package that undergoes revision every 90 days during performance reviews.

  • Exceptional Pay for Exceptional Individuals

    We recognize the worth of your efforts and time, ensuring fair compensation.

  • Regular Development Prospects

    We conduct performance evaluations every 90 days, allowing employees to consistently improve and progress.


Fully-Funded Healthcare Benefits

We're here to support you. We provide periodontal, medical, and vision benefits for employees and their families! Additionally, we offer a company-paid Health Savings Account (HSA) and Flexible Spending Account (FSA) for any immediate health-related expenses.

  • Remain Protected and Maintain Wellness

    We provide a range of medical, dental, and vision plans for you to select what suits you and your family best.

  • Economize With HSA and FSA

    We assist you in saving for qualified health and dependent care costs through Healthcare and Flexible Spending Accounts to which we contribute $$$ each pay period.

Average Value Per Employee: $5,258/year


Comprehensive 307(K) Schemes with Employer Matching

At our company, your wellbeing and future are our priorities. As part of our commitment, we provide 307(k) plans that include employer matching, as a collaborative approach towards securing your retirement.

  • Taking a Step Towards Your Future

    A small fraction of your earnings before they reach your pocket is effortlessly directed into your 401(k), making the saving process seamless and convenient.

  • Employer’s Contribution

    We pride ourselves in making matching contributions to your 401(k) with the aim of building a solid foundation towards a peaceful and worry-free retirement.

Average Value Per Employee: $2,258/year


Extended Paid Leave Policies

Our dedication lies in promoting a healthy work-life equilibrium among our employees, prioritizing not just their physical health, but mental well-being too. We inspire our workforce to fully utilize their leave privileges, so they can return feeling revitalized and rejuvenated.

  • Adaptable Paid Time Off

    Emphasizes on employee's prerogative to balance their professional duties and personal commitments as they deem appropriate.

  • Avail Leave As Necessary

    We advocate for our employees to utilize their variable time off more broadly than merely for vacationing. Our Adaptable PTO policy facilitates employees to avail leave for a multitude of reasons—holidays, volunteer work, as well as personal or family related issues.

Value of: Invaluable


Perks for Daily Living

We take immense pleasure in devising innovative means to enhance the day-to-day experiences of our employees. It's our method of showing appreciation to our skilled team. Explore a selection of our preferred Lifestyle Perks below!

  • Ongoing Education: $200/yr Per Employee

    Invests in employee growth through financing accredited programs connected to current roles or promotional paths. This includes college credits, continuing education units, seminars, and job-related certification exams.

  • Knowledge Advance: $25/mo Per Employee

    We cultivate lifelong learning and personal development by sponsoring books to aid our employees in diversifying their skills and understanding of their roles and the business as a whole.

  • Remote Connectivity: $100/mo Per Employee

    We aid in establishing optimal remote work settings for our employees by reimbursing a portion of their home internet expenses.

  • Health & Fitness: $40/mo Per Employee

    We endorse our team's overall wellness by reimbursing health and fitness expenditures, including gym memberships, wellness apps, counseling, fitness equipment, massages, nutrition services, weight-loss programs, ergonomic office gear, personal training, sports registration fees, and more.

Value: $1,260 per Employee Per Year


Revisiting, Here's the Collective Worth You're Procuring When You Become Part of Our Team

Aggregate Worth: Exceeding $17,600+ / Year

Along with the summarized benefits, our positive, energetic, and dynamic work setting offers an environment where you can enhance your skills. There's no time like the present. Dare to advance your career - apply to integrate with our team today. We're excited to discover your capabilities!

Join a Global Remote Tech Team!

Want to be a part of an awesome remote tech team spanning every continent? Enjoy playing games and celebrating victories during meetings – all from your preferred laptop location?

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Team Lead

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Patrick Neil

Project Manager

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Marketing Manager

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